Restorative dentistry focuses on treating oral health issues to improve the function, comfort, and health of your smile.

Dr. Corey Schumer offers a range of restorative treatments, including crowns and fillings, to maintain or even enhance your quality of life.

How can a restorative treatment help me?

Restorative Care Addresses the Health and Comfort of Your Smile

  • Improve Dental Function

Dr. Schumer can design a customized restorative treatment plan at our Tucson, AZ, office to target the issues affecting your oral health and restore the comfort and function of your smile.

  • Treat Progressive Problems

Oral health issues, such as decay and gum disease, can spread quickly. What starts out as a simple cavity can lead to much more serious concerns. Restoring your smile now can help prevent severe damage to your smile.

  • Enhance Your Appearance

Health concerns can also detract from the appearance of your smile. For many patients, restorative treatments are an opportunity to return to the beautiful smile they had in the past.

We offer a wide range of restorative treatments…