Decayed or damaged teeth can be incredibly painful and make daily activities, such as eating and speaking, more difficult.

If you have a damaged tooth, Dr. Corey Schumer can place a dental crown to restore the natural strength and appearance of your smile.

Why are crowns such a trusted restorative option?

A Restorative Treatment That Looks and Feels Completely Natural

  • Repair and Protect Your Tooth

Before placing a dental crown at our Tucson, AZ, office, Dr. Schumer can remove any decayed portions to stop the infection from spreading. Then, the restoration fits over the top of your tooth to protect against further damage.

  • Designed to Last

Our crowns are crafted from durable materials which can withstand even the substantial forces placed on molars. With proper care, your crown may last for ten years or more.

  • A Natural-Looking Solution

Dr. Schumer will carefully match the crown to the rest of your teeth, allowing the restoration to blend seamlessly into your smile. In some cases, it could even enhance your appearance.

Wondering how crowns work?